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Quick PDF Tools 1.4

Quick PDF Tools is a suite of tools for visualizing and managing PDF files
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Quick PDF Tools is a suite of tools for visualizing and managing PDF files. The application installs a context menu that comes up when you right-click a PDF file. From there, you can access the many features that come in this suite. Quick PDF Tools installs a PDF viewer to your computer. And it associates the .PDF extension with it, so you can preview files quickly. This preview app is very good. It is very quick at loading and browsing PDF files. However, by default, it only opens one page at the time. In other words, you can't scroll down to change the pages. This can probably be changed in the settings.

The other features allow you to do things like converting PDF files to text or image files. This is a functionality that I have looked for before and I could never find something that worked well enough. In this case, Quick PDF Tools does a great job. For example, I converted a 6-page PDF document into 6 different JPEG files within seconds. And all I really did was right-click the file and hit convert. A piece of cake. The quality takes a beating, of course, but for certain purposes, it is great. The conversion to text also works well, but if the PDF has images and tables, you might encounter some problems.

You can also extract images from PDF files and create and disable password-protection for your files.

José Fernández
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